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Types of Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories 

A wide range of accessories are available for today’s wheelchairs. Some examples include  manual wheelchair totes, wheel chair cushions and backs, cup holders, wheel chair ramps, wheel chair gloves,  footrest and legrest accessories, and a wide variety of wheelchair attachments.

These attachments range from cane holders and oxygen holders, to even fishing pole attachments for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Accessories

Manual Wheelchair Totes

Totes and backpacks are some of the most common wheelchair accessories. Available in all different shapes, sizes and colors these range from wheelchair pouches or totes to saddle bags and backpacks.

Designer mobility bags are also available and come in many different colors and patterns. These valuable wheelchair accessories allow you to easily carry books or materials for work, school or other activities.

Wheelchair Cup Holders

Are another popular accessory for wheelchairs. These can be insulated foam holders or made from other materials. By adding a cup holder to your wheelchair it makes it very convenient to carry along water bottles, soft drinks or other beverages.

Wheelchair Cushions and Backs

Whenever you are sitting for long periods comfort is important.
Wheelchair cushions and backs are constructed from various materials and padding.

Common types of wheelchair cushions include foam cushions, air cushions, or gel cushions. There are also a
wide range of covers available for wheelchair cushions. These can be made from fabric, sheepskin
or other materials.

Wheelchair Gloves and Wraps

These are great for protecting your hands if you operate a manual wheelchair. For those involved in sports or other fast paced activities, they are even more important. Wheelchair gloves are available in many different styles and colors.

Leather and neoprene are common materials that wheelchair gloves are made from. Gloves can be one of the most valuable wheelchair accessories for those operating a manual wheelchair.

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