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Things You need to know about Portable Wheelchairs & Accessories

Portable Wheelchairs

Even though you or a loved one may not have the mobility that you once had, it is no reason to sit at home and miss out on life. Portable wheelchairs are typically lightweight and are easy to transport or take along with you wherever you go. Many of these wheelchairs are manual transport chairs where a friend or a loved one propels the wheelchair occupant by pushing the wheelchair from behind by the handles.


These portable wheelchairs have small front and rear wheels, so it is not possible for the occupant to manually transport themselves. Although, quite a bit more expensive, there are many power portable wheelchairs available on the market today. Most of these are relatively lightweight (weighting under 100 pounds including the batteries), and can be disassembled or reassembled in a minute or two. Either type is quite portable and can easily fit in
the trunk of your car until you arrive at your destination.

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Manual Portable Wheelchairs

These types of lightweight wheelchairs are often called transport or transfer chairs, and they are propelled by an attendant or companion who pushes the wheelchair. The person pushing the chair uses the handles in the back. Normally, transfer chairs come with hand brakes and seat belts for added safety. These wheelchairs are commonly used at airports, and there are even special transfer chairs designed to fit down narrow airplane aisles.

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These models have small front and back wheels and cannot be propelled by the occupant of the chair. They
are great for taking a loved one out shopping or for wheeling them around at a park or mall. Most of
these chairs are very lightweight and are able to fold up and easily fit in the trunk of your car. Many of
them even come with convenient carrying cases.

Power Portable Wheelchairs

For someone who is willing to pay more, and wants the independence of being able to cover a little more territory by motoring around, a power wheelchair may be just want you need. Portable models are widely available, and most of these chairs are relatively lightweight.

One of the great things about these types of power wheelchairs is their portability, since they can be quickly assembled or disassembled and carried in the trunk of your car. These are great for someone who is able to walk quite well, but maybe doesn’t have the endurance that they once had. Again, once at the mall or your final destination you can quickly assemble your portable wheelchair and off you go.

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