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Which Type of Counter Depth Refrigerator to Select

Which Type of Counter Depth Refrigerator to Select

It is very common two see two types of counter depth – refrigerators including French Door and Side-By-Side. When you are finding a good model to redesign your home kitchen, it should be a Counter Depth Refrigerator. However, among two styles, which is should be selected? Actually, each type of fridges has particular advantages and disadvantages. Thus, you can consider many aspects to decide the best one for your house.

French Door Counter Depth Refrigerator


French Door is defined as a side by side top with a bottom freezer. It is better than a side by side because you can see many options of storage places of foods, shelves, and crisper drawers at the same time. It does sound very easy to access the fridge and it is full width to be used. Especially, the bottom-mount drawer is useful for users to get fresh food compartment through two doors opening from the center instead of via a single door.

Regarding features of the fridge, it is the same with Side-by-side one. However, French door design includes a wine rack, side-by-side humidity that is controlled crispers and has full – length deli rack. Moreover, frozen foods must be stacked on top of each other unlike the later.

Within a French door refrigerator, you are able to access to the full width of the appliance. It allows you to have larger storage spaces of the fresh and frozen food compartments in this kind of refrigerator. The frozen storage shelves are available for bulky frozen foods.

According the current price level, depending on the size of the refrigerators, the price runs from $2000 and varies up to $300. Besides, the dispenser must be mentioned here because energy efficient fridge with icemaker in freezer below a filtered water one inside. Thus, it helps you save a little money.

Side By Side Refrigerator


Side by side refrigerator has been very popular from years of 70s, 80s and 90s in most of households. The refrigerator offers easy function and access to the fresh and freezer section. It has proportionally more freezer space than the first type.

It still keeps easy ability to access to the freezer section with much more segmented and organized storage in both sections. Unlike the bottom frozen storage of the French door, the freezer areas are divided into both sides. The ice dispenser also uses much less useable spaces in this model than in French door.

Actually, it remains a disadvantage that it splits the refrigerator down the center, thus you will have less wide storage areas in the fresh or frozen food compartments. However, the smart arrangement of shelves in the refrigerator allows you to utilize all empty spaces in the fridge.

This was released before the French Door and experienced a very popular age of the refrigerator. Thus, developers or manufacturers can improve the higher features to perfect this section.

With regard to the price, it can be cheaper but the average cost of a basic level side by side refrigerator is about $800 while the latest trend side by side one is up to $1500. It could see that people tend to select this fridge because of the same features and energy to save your food.

There has an overall of two types of Counter Depth Refrigerator. In fact, you are totally possible to choose one from them for your kitchen.

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